Where are we? Right in the cultural epicenter of Wrocław, where you can check the pulse of the city’s buzzing life!

Location: Old Town, Four Denominations District – one of the most unique European destinations, registered as object of cultural heritage and Polish History Monument. 500 metres from Market Square.

In this prestigious area, within 300 meters of the apartament, you’ll find a Roman Catholic temple, Orthodox Cathedral, synagogue and Protestant-Augsbourg church. That’s why this place is also called the Four Temples District or Mutual Respect District. With many clubs, pubs and cafés in the area, it’s also where the sacred meets the profane and the locals meet tourists from all over the world.

Attractions nearby:

  • New Horizons cinema and T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival venue,
  • American Film Festival venue,
  • Wrocław Opera,
  • National Forum of Music – newly constructed concert hall and Wratislavia Cantans festival venue.

Convenient stores, shops, pharmacies, car parks – all within 50 to 300 meters of the apartment.